Argument in Favor of Measure B

Please consider the following, which will appear in your mailbox nearer election day.

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As required by Burbank voters 16 years ago, the decision on a new airport terminal is in voters’ hands. We believe the terms negotiated for this proposal, a result of 70 meetings taking public input over three years, offer powerful, new protections for residents. We urge you to vote “YES!”

Voting Yes will allow construction of a terminal with the same 14 gates as today’s, but in a new building, safer from earthquakes, and offering amenities travelers expect. Gate areas will be comfortable, luggage carousels move indoors, and the facility would be fully accessible to the disabled.

Safety improvements include moving the terminal more than two football fields further from the runway. Today’s terminal, just 250 feet from the runway center-line, would be demolished.

Because the feature is beloved, the new terminal would still employ boarding and exiting aircraft using rear stairs. The airport is also helping to lobby Congress for a mandatory night-time curfew.

The terms give Burbank the power to stop future changes, like any move to add gates, alter the voluntary curfew, and more. Means to discourage adding flights include limiting airport parking to 6,637 spaces, just as there are today.

No City funds would be used.

Federal grants and fees added to tickets at every airport would be among construction funding sources.

The length and placement of current runways will not change.

Expansion and much more can be blocked by just two of Burbank’s three representatives on the Authority that runs the airport, even if outnumbered by other commissioners.

If this measure does not pass, the Airport Authority announced it will build a new terminal on a less desirable site the Authority maintains Burbank cannot control. We would lose the limits, the “blocking” power, and all other protections described.

Please, vote “Yes” to protect Burbank.


Several arguments in opposition to the proposed replacement terminal at Burbank airport are simply untrue. The terms negotiated by the city are much different from those the opponent describes; and your City Council didn’t vote for ANY replacement terminal.

We ask YOU to decide for yourselves whether the true proposal deserves approval.

Do not be fooled: Measure B does not expand the airport. Measure B gives Burbank greater protections and power to stop airport expansion.
With Measure B approval, just two Burbank airport commissioners can BLOCK any effort to change the voluntary curfew, increase size, gates or other forms of expansion. These can be blocked even if every Glendale and Pasadena commissioner votes to expand!

A YES vote will authorize a replacement terminal with no more than 14 gates.
NO Burbank taxpayer dollars will be used.

There will be only ONE replacement terminal. Once built, today’s terminal will be demolished.

If Measure B does not pass, the airport has control over the second site, and warns that’s where they’ll build a new terminal if their proposal is rejected without any approval from Burbank.

See the terms and maps at

Read the impartial analysis and confirm all this for yourself.

Vote YES ON B!